Ideas from Aerospace

  • Technology assessment, Technology forecast of Aerospace sector
  • Market analysis, Market forecast, Future scenario
  • Business Consultation for Aerospace sector
  •                                                           (Entry strategy, Business Strategy
  • Research of eVTOL, Air Taxi, Drone, Aircraft electrification
  • Establishment of Aerospace Cluster, support various activities
  • Aerospace contents services

Recent Activities

  • 2019.5.11   NAGOYA University                                                                   Aircraft development Global Leader Training Course                             Keynote speechFuture of Aircraft Industry 
  • 2019.4.18   Science & Technology                                                          Presentation : Flying Car (Technology, Business)
  • 2019.2.28  SUWA Monozukuri Association : Aircraft System Forum
  • 2019.2.13  KURASHIKI Aerospace Industry Promotion Council 
  • 2019.1.16  KURASHIKI Aircraft Industry Promotion Council 
  • 2018.11.12   Technical Information Institute, Inc.                                          Presentation : Flying Car (Technology, Business)
  • 2018.10.13   Waseda University  Aerospace Symposium

Who I am 

  • President, Aerospace Kousou research Institute, Inc.

  • Mitsubishi Research Institute, Inc                                                        Advisory Associate, Management Innovation Division, Consulting Unit

  •  Director, International Aircraft Development Fund (IADF)

  • IADF   Chairman, Aircraft Industry Study committee
  • IADF  Committee member, Aircraft Technology committee
  • NEDO Committee member, Aircraft Advanced System project committee
  • NEDO Committee member, Leading research of Energy, Environment technology committee
  • JAXA  Committee member, Aircraft System Research Outside Experts committee


  • 1983/4-2018/3  Mitsubishi Research Institute, Inc. Chief consultant             Okuda involved in more than 300 aerospace projects of Japan and foreign governments, Government related organizations, and domestic and overseas private companies, mainly as a project leader.
  • 2005/4-2017/3  Visiting professor, Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology
  • 2018/4 –     Mitsubishi Research Institute, Inc.  Advisory Associate
  • 2018/6 –      Established Aerospace Kousou research Institute, Inc.

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